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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Val Leighton

I was a Remedial and Pregnancy massage therapist and had a super busy clinic and this was when I realised that I needed really good essential oils for my customers.

I came across doTERRA oils at a Sunday market one day and thought wow, how good the doTERRA AromaTouch kit looked, value for money but with such amazing oils.

I purchased the kit and 2 weeks later had an aroma touch technique given to me.

I was so in awe of these oils that after another two weeks passed, I got onto a plane to Salt Lake City to the 2012 conference to see this Company and where these oils come from.

Well, did that visit has changed my life.

My clinic benefited from the oils and my customers wanted oils off me.
I had a group of customers without realising what was happening.

On my 5 year journey so far I have now been to Salt Lake City 5 times and I am as excited today about being a wellness advocate as I was in 2012. My next visit to doTERRA Salt Lake City is this September, only weeks away and am I excited.

I am excited to be on this journey which is not taking me into retirement but into a new lease of life.

I qualified to become an AromaTouch Technique certified trainer, at that time, there were only only four in Queensland, how good is that!

So although I am not a Remedial or a pregnancy massage therapist any more, I needed to have been a therapist to come across these fabulous doTERRA oils.

I am meeting and helping people who have been in pain for years and after using one or two of the doTERRA oils for a couple of days they are now pain free.

I have osteoarthritis in 5 places, my hip looks like a dog has gnawed the bone and I am no longer having to be helped out of bed, because of the oils and supplements I am a new 50 not a 70 year old.

Will I ever not take these oils and supplements? No, I will use these for life. Cant wait for my monthly shopping.

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